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Hello and welcome to the Mad scientist wiki, in this wiki we will give you the know how to become a slightly eccentric man or woman of science or a full on mad scientist that has the full get up, so lets get right to it

When I'm Mad Scientist

When I'm Mad Scientist

For Mad Scientist's

Where to go?Edit

Ok the following list should be done in order so first off:

Personality - This is vital, but remember you should always be yourelf no matter what its no use facking these things.

Know How - This is almost as important as personality a scientist mad or not should always have an understanding of the diciplines he is in.

Appearence - Now that you have mastered the other two you can finally look the part

A place to call Home - This is the place you hang the lab coat after a hard days inventing/ creating.

Minions/ Henchmen/ Egor - Whats a Lair if you are alone so fill it up with man or machine, creation or multiple personalities its up to you.

What Now? - You have everything you need now what are you going to do with yourself.

Congrates you have now graduated - I am proud to have taught you what you needed to know and to call you a Mad Scientist... Let us laugh

WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA                          or                               FWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA                      or

EIHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA                                  and as we shall always say...                  PULL THE SWITCH

Safety RulesEdit

There are not many rules but you will follow them or else...

  1. If you wish to have something edited tell me (Hidden Huntsmen) that you do... ok... ok good
  2. Use the things you learn in the real world don't let your talent or madness be crushed by Inhabitions, Peer pressure, age, or the government be yourself to the best of your ability.
  3. Have Fun

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These are some of the other pages that could help you out:

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